joao coutinho

Hi there,

For now I'm just someone who loves all this stuff too much not to try it out.
I'm definitely overly tidy and a freak for grids and lists.
At the moment I want to do too much and end up doing too little. The idea is that this changes when I start college, but
Here's a list of stuff I'd like to do in the future:

  • Direct a short film, or a whole bunch of them.
  • Get back into bicycles.
  • Produce and release a couple of songs.
  • Start a jaw dropping band.

  • Another list? Okay, this time let's talk people who I would work for/with without thinking twice:

  • There's Hugo & Marie,
  • M/M (Paris) has some incredible stuff,
  • Giant Ant, obviously,
  • Buck has to be here,
  • Barcelona is awesome and there's Sebas & Clim,
  • Gergely Wootsch's work speaks for itself,
  • David OReilly is a living legend,
  • It wouldn't be right to let Eran Hilleli out of this thing,
  • Creative geniuses: Wriggles & Robins,
  • And if I end up wanting people to listen rather than look at my work, Antfood.

  • Oh yeah, and I really love film and music, but I bet you knew that just from reading that fancy list.
    That said,